003: Barb Stegemann – How Social Entrepreneurship Can Move Mountains

November 2, 2017

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Behind the Forecast

Who’s obsessed with the weather? Maybe Canadians…

It’s true — Canadians are obsessed with the weather. In fact, compared to the averages of 160 countries studied, Canadian media ran 10% more sports coverage, while weather took up 229% more place in our media than elsewhere on the planet.”

This isn’t surprising since Canada is the home of weather extremes and intense storms. We live in a large, geographically diverse country with a variety of weather patterns depending on the province you live in, or the season.

In an interview with CBC News, Diane Pacom, professor of sociology at the University of Ottawa said that talking about the weather is a key element of the Canadian identity, only partly because we talk about it so much.

“The way that you create a collective ethos is through this constant preoccupation with the weather, which is not imaginary. It’s tangible, it’s real,” she argues, noting that it is a common theme across the whole country.

“Each different region of Canada has developed a romantic rapport with nature according to their own specifications.”

However, predicting the weather is not so easy. New technology has made it easier to predict short-term weather patterns and more is known about big weather events such as hurricanes, but the science is not perfect.

In this podcast, we talk “weather” with Kevin Mackay and Amanda Weldon from the Weather Network and find out just how they predict the weather.