005: Clear Your Cravings With Weight Loss Coach Irene Jorgenson

December 20, 2017


Clear Your Cravings

Going on a “diet” can be both a painful process and an enlightening one. Many people with weight issues have spent years trying to follow the rules of this diet or that diet to lose a few pounds and keep it off. There are so many rules around what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat – rules that even the “experts” can’t agree on. It’s confusing and frustrating.

Some have found what works for them, others still struggle. Here’s another approach. Diet-free Weight Loss Coach Irene Jorgenson spent four years to become a nutritionist but spent over 20 years to become an expert in food cravings, as she struggled with her own weight loss. She found that depriving herself of the foods she loved always made her binge. Always!!

Irene has written book called Clear Your Cravings and chronicles her personal journey to permanent weight loss. She shares her step-by-step system of easing into a diet-free lifestyle.

If you’re one of the ones who is tired of struggling with your weight, of the constant obsessing about food, of the years of yo-yo-dieting, and want to listen to a new approach, then tune in.
You can check her out at www.clearyourcravings.com

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