007: Unleash Your Power of Yes

March 28, 2018

Unleash Your Power of Yes

Saying “yes” to anything – an idea, a project, a trip – anything, has power. Many of us are burdened with un-nameable fears that we say “no” to opportunities, even when our gut instinct is screaming “Yes”.
Enter Graham Neil and Donovan Workun, a journalist and a champion improviser, respectively. Together, they have created a series of Power of Yes workshops that teaches creative techniques of improv and how to apply them to improve your business, work and life.
Improv training is a proven skill-building resource with a lot of positive applications. A recent Forbes article reports that more Fortune 500 companies are using improv to inspire creativity, communication and productivity in their workforce.
In this month’s Podcast, we talk to Graham and Donovan to learn more about the Power of Yes and how it can change your life.