010: Confused About Your Credit Score?

February 21, 2019

You’ve worked hard to build up your credit score. You pay all your debts on time, have focused on getting out of debt –maybe even closed a few of those accounts because you don’t need them or want them anymore. Then one day you apply for a mortgage and there are issues. What???

Everyone understands the need to pay down debt and pay bills on time but there are other factors that affect your credit score. Today we speak with Julie Kucmic from Equifax who will help shed light on the mysteries of a credit score.

Julie is the recognized authority in consumer credit. Having served as an expert witness on credit scores in provincial court, she often speaks to industry groups, government, clients and consumers to shed light on the credit lifecycle.

In her role as Director of Consumer Advocacy for Equifax Canada, Julie brings fresh insight to the entire business, while recognizing the important role credit plays in both society and the economy. She is currently focused on implementing a consumer-centric strategy to help Canadians realize their financial dreams and secure their financial futures.