012: The Trend Towards Tiny Homes

August 28, 2019

It’s happening in many parts of the country – tiny homes are popping up in laneways, in backyards and on acreages, and demand for them is growing. There are even tiny house communities being built. Prices are also getting higher – one tiny home sold recently in Oshawa, Ontario for $200,000.

Whose buying them? People who are retiring and downsizing, and first-time home buyers who are living in expensive cities, and who want to get into the housing market.  

While interest in tiny homes is high in Canada, especially in Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec, municipalities have been much slower than other parts of the world to accept them. Many set a minimum square footage requirement, while others have bylaws that go so far as to specify the colour and type of building materials.

However, tiny homes could be a sign of future times. Some of them are the same size as a small square-foot condo. I would not be surprised to see a few mortgage lenders jump on this bandwagon, especially for the tiny homes that are sitting on foundations.

On today’s Podcast we talk with Kenton Zerbin, an advocate for tiny homes, who owns a tiny home, and offers workshops on sustainable living.

Much of his tiny home workshop is devoted to teaching participants to champion the idea with their municipalities, encouraging them to stress the quality of their projects while pitching the ideas of densification, increased tax revenue and attracting new residents to the city.

You can visit Kenton’s website for more information at https://kentonzerbin.com/