002: How To Be Totally Awesome!

August 24, 2017

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How to be totally AWESOME!

Do you want a totally awesome life that’s meaningful, filled with possibilities and fun? Well, you are totally awesome, you just don’t know it yet.

In your personal life, being awesome can be a simple as being happy and fulfilled.

In the workplace, it can be the result of two elements — exceeding people’s expectations to raise you above the crowd, and stick with it in a consistent way. Awesomeness is surprise mixed with the feeling of value.

You can also marry your personal life with your work life and make everything awesome. Not convinced? Wait until you hear Adam Montandon.

In this episode, inventor, author, innovator, and educator, Adam Montandon shares his knowledge about playfulness and interactivity to help you unlock your full creative potential. You never have to be stuck with anything boring ever again.

As an educator, Adam’s results are unique. One of his students became the first Cyborg ever recognized by a government. He flew his class from Copenhagen to California to have a lesson on Venice beach. He teaches experience design while riding roller coasters. His homework includes bungee jumping from the tallest skyscraper in Las Vegas.

Join me as Adam takes us on a journey to awesomeness with scenarios and tips that you can use to create your most awesome life, in the workplace and in your personal life.

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